The Largest Desiccated Coconut Exporter from Indonesia

Cv. Indo Pacific Coconut history started in 1970 as distributor of coconut oil serving the local industry in Indonesia. In 2005, the company saw strong demand from overseas market for desiccated coconut, coconut milk, coconut cream powder, coconut water and virgin coconut oil from Indonesia. We are proud to be one of the largest exporters of desiccated coconut of Indonesia origin exporting about 12,000mt Desiccated coconut annually to 51 countries.

Cv. Indo Pacific Coconut portfolio includes four desiccated coconut manufacturing facilities at Sumatera Island, one at Pontianak Island, one coconut cream powder / coconut milk / coconut water manufacturing facility at Pangandaran Island , and one Virgin coconut oil facilities at Sumatera Island.

Distribution & Manufacturing

To oversee its vast distribution network, Cv. Indo Pacific Coconut is headquartered in Medan , Indonesia and operates seven manufacturing facilities in Indonesia.

Corporate values

Cv. Indo Pacific Coconut vision is to be a preferred supplier in coconut products to the world.

Our mission is to provide highest quality coconut products at competitive market price and serve our customers to the best of our ability. We always deliver on schedule as promised despite market fluctuation.

Values : Integrity, Commitment,  Consistency, Trust & Respect, Honesty

Our Market

Over these years, we distribute our coconut products to over 300 clients worldwide representing nearly every food industries in confectionery, bakery, cookies, biscuits, dairy, savory, cereals, coating, beverage, chocolate, ice cream, retail supermarket. Cv. Indo Pacific Coconut current presence is strongly supported by our strategic alliances with many of our customers whether local or abroad. Our customers have come to rely on our established reputation. In turn, our field contact with a large cross-section of industries has afforded us invaluable insight into emerging industrial trends.

We are supplier coconut products to the world