Coconut production plays an important role in the national economy of Indonesia.

Coconut production plays an important role in the national economy of Indonesia. According to figures published in December 2009 by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Indonesia is the world’s second largest producer of coconuts, producing 15,319,500 tonnes in 2009.

Currently Indonesia has 3.8 million hectares of coconut plantations expanding from 1.66 million hectares in 1969. The vast majority of 98% or 3.7 million hectares of the plantations are made up of smallholdings of individual farmers.

Around 65% of the country’s coconut production is disposed of on the domestic market 35 exported either in the form of fresh fruits or processed products.

Desiccated Coconut High Fat Fine Grade

Desiccated Coconut  high fat–   is simply coconut meat that has been grated and dried. It is produced from matured coconuts and the white coconut  meat is granulated  into the various  desired  cuts and  is available as  fine and Medium grade It is commonly used as a topping for curries or other Asian dishes, as an ingredient in cooked cereal or granola, and in baked goods. It is also used in biscuit, confectionery, bakery and ice cream industry.  It contains no cholesterol or trans fats while being rich in a number of essential nutrients, including dietary fiber, manganese, copper and selenium.


Desiccated Coconut High Fat – Medium Grade

We use only the best and fresh quality coconut meats which are selected carefully to produce highest quality desiccated coconut with good coconut taste and flavor and white in color.

We are aiming and carrying a vision to produce highest standard and consistency quality of coconut products. Our commitment is to ensure that only the safest and the best arrives at the production table of manufacturers or to the table of dedicated homemakers.


Desiccated coconut low fat

Desiccated coconut low fat– Desiccated coconut low fat is by product of coconut milk or coconut cream powder manufacturing process. It could be applied for baking, dessert, cooking, confectioneries and used as fillings, toppings and further processing in industrial use.


Virgin Coconut Oil

Product Description

Virgin coconut oil (Cocos nucifera) is cold pressed using fresh coconuts, this produces a mild and aromatic flavour of fresh coconuts.


Store in a cool, dry place. This product is solid when refrigerated or kept below 24’C.


Drums @ 190 kg,  Jerry can @ 20 kg, IBC tank @ 900 kg,  Flexi tank @ 20,000 kg,


Coconut Cream Powder

Cream Powder Coconut is premium high fat & instantly soluble with water to bring exotic taste of tropical coconut aroma and flavor. Coconut Cream Powder is coconut milk extracted from white coconut kernel and spray dried into powder form. It is made out of 100% natural fresh ingredients and is hygienically prepared. When reconstituted with water, it instantly becomes coconut milk.


Coconut Milk Instan

To obtain coconut milk, one just needs to add the Coconut Cream Powder to water and stir. Depending on individual need, Coconut Cream Powder can also be added directly to ingredient mix without having to reconstitute with water first.


Coconut Water

Coconut water is produced from freshly collected coconut water, chilled, pasteurized and sterilized at UHT technology process to retain its natural freshness, flavor and aroma

Coconut water is consistently produced and handled under Conditions meeting Codex General Principles of Food Hygiene, EU & FDA Good Manufacturing Practices and comply with all current National and international food legislations and applicable regulatory codes

Fresh coconut water

Packaging Type :
The product is aseptically in Scholle bag 20kgs with double wall corrugated carton box. We can also do in flexbox 240kg and 1000kg.


The production process of desiccated coconut high fat.

We assured our Product always at the Best Quality, Handpicked methods are still used to get the best result. The results are compared to specified best specimen and standards for Quality products with a Standard Inspection Procedure in place to ensure consistent checking.


We are supplier coconut products to the world